An experienced and skilled staff of the Mediterranean Shipping register performs all kinds of surveys. There are the following class survey types:

  • · 1. Initial: before the submission of the ship into class
  • · 2. Periodical:
  • · 2.1 Annual - in order to check if ship meets all conditions of class and to check the operation of mechanisms, devices, and installations, which the MSR’s rules for the classification and construction of ships are applied to.
  • · 2.2 Intermediate – for checking of hull structures, machinery, boilers and pressure vessels, equipment and supplies, electrical equipment with respect to their sufficient condition for certain types of operations
  • · 2.3 Special – to be performed for renewal of the class. Its goal is to confirm that the technical condition of the ship and all changes applied to its facilities meet the requirements of MSR and maritime administration
  • · 2.4 Occasional – class surveys related to miscellaneous issues/problems/questions like changing of navigational area/ship’s purpose/number of crew onboard / ship’s design, towage operations, accident aftermath, etc.

Besides the above-mentioned class surveys MSR experts carry out other non-class inspections including, but not limited to:

  • · P&I survey
  • · Pre-sale survey
  • · Company's ISM and MLC audits
  • · Cargo survey
  • · Quality system survey